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Summary of Wu Dang School Wushu

Wu Dang Wushu is a major school of Chinese Wushu. It's traditionally known that “Northern people advocate Shao Lin; Southern people advocate Wu Dang”. Wu Dang boxing is also known as “Neijia Shadow Boxing”. Wu Dang Wushu has profound relationship with Taoism, the Taoist usually practice Wushu while practicing Taoism. Before the Song Dynasty, there had been master-hand of Wushu among Wu Dang Taoists. At the beginning of the Ming Dynasty, Mr. Zhang Sanfeng who had practiced on Mountain Wudang collected the essences of Wu Dang Wushu, after being communicated and developed for hundreds of years, there has been many schools of boxing multiplied from Wu Dang Wushu, forming the basis for the development of Wu Dang Wushu.

After establishment of People's Republic of China, Wu Dang Wushu has undergone extensive promotion, especially after 1978; there has been substantial development. After the national Wushu forum held in 1982, various kinds of Wu Dang boxing and skills in various areas have been gradually found out, Hubei Province found out eight boxing schools firstly and then collected more than 30 kinds of Wu Dang boxing skills found out from various places. Relevant department also established the seminar of Wu Dang Boxing of Mountain Wudang and published the magazine “Wu Dang”.

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